Civil Lawsuit Filed in Connection With Fatal Accident That Killed Three Children

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - A civil lawsuit has been filed by the family of the three children who died in a fatal accident in Ector County.

A grand jury found evidence both drivers, Madonna Belis Amaton and Nicole Sheesley, could have been at fault but there was not enough evidence to charge them with a crime.

Back in May, Sheesley slammed into the back of a family's van on Highway 385.

The crash killed 10-year-old Jamie Belis, eight year old Ruben Ramirez, and five year old Alaina Belis and injured five others including Linda Araiza.

Now, Linda and Jose Araiza have filed the civil lawsuit against Sheesley.

In the suit they claim Sheesley failed to control her speed, followed too closely behind the family's van and was not paying attention while driving which caused her truck to slam into the back of the family's van.

The Araiza's are filing for damages.

No dollar amount was listed.