Possible Water Source Could Be On the Way For The City of Odessa

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON - For some time now, the City of Odessa has been looking into pumping water from outside the county and now city officials have turned their attention to Fort Stockton.

The Capitan Reef is an aquifer that could potentially solve some of the water issues in Odessa while providing an alternative water source for the City of Fort Stockton.

Odessa has been in talks with the City of Fort Stockton about obtaining water from the Capitan Reef Aquifer. The aquifer is located nine miles south of Fort Stockton.

City Manger Raul Rodriguez says they are trying to work with the City of Odessa to help them with their water situation without having to tap into their main water source.

"What we were wanting to do was to protect our water source, that's our main concern for the city because we have citizens that we have to supply water to, and the Capitan Reef is much deeper and not easily accessible. We feel that it's a good alternative for anybody," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez mentioned if the Capitan Reef water source project is approved it would not affect the water source for homeowners who live nearby.

"As far as we can tell from the hydrology study because of the plentifulness, it should not affect anyone. As I said because its so deep, there's very few wells that are into that aquifer so we are not experiencing any adverse effects," Rodriguez said.

He says they too might use the Reef as an alternative source to relieve some stress not only from their main water source but also their wallets.

"If the water quality proves to be better than what we currently use, then yes we would definitely benefit. We could use that water and cut back on our utility cost to drink the water so we would benefit," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez tells NewsWest 9 although they're in the preliminary stages of this project, the water samples that experts have tested all prove that the water is potable. Now, the next step is to determine the exact quality of the water.

"Once we know the exact quality of the water, we know exactly what it's going to cost us to treat it and at that point when we set an exact number then Odessa can decide whether or not it's worth coming this way to get it or not," Rodriguez said.