Water Temperatures Determine Mosquito Breeding

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- After the rain we experienced last week, we've now seen alot of standing water lying around. Which has left some wondering if that would cause a increase West Nile Virus.

Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, it's hard to say if the virus would increase but health officials say we'll be seeing less of those pesky pests.

The Ector County Health Department says the temperatures in standing water has to be 80 degrees or warmer for mosquitoes multiply. The pests tend to gravitate towards those warmer temperatures.

But since Basin temperatures have started to drop, health officials say we'll start seeing less of them.

NewsWst 9 went out to check some of the temperatures in the standing water around town. One of the areas read less than 70 degrees on the thermometer and the water was under the shade. The other place was under the sun and was barely hitting 80 degrees.

Officials with Ector County Health Department say because night temperatures are low, the mosquito population is not multiplying at this time. However, they say next season we could experience a boom.

"With this rainfall, next season should prove to be a even higher one as far as the mosquito population and people should be proactive," Ector County Health Department Director, Gino Solla, said.

Solla says the eggs of the mosquito that carries the West Nile Virus hibernates during the cold season and when spring hits, their eggs hatch.

So far, four people have died in the Basin due to the West Nile Virus.