Midland, Odessa Residents Drop Off Prescription Drugs to be Disposed of Properly

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN- If you use prescription drugs, you may want to go through your medicine cabinet and see if you have any expired or unused prescription drugs. If you do, that could be very dangerous especially when they're in the wrong hands. The Drug Enforcement Administration says they want to keep those drugs away from teens and out of the water supply.

People in Midland and Odessa were getting rid of unused and expired drugs.

"Taking prescription medication and disposing them properly will keep from children getting hurt and possibly death," Drug Take Back Coordinator, Mellessa Brenem, said.

People were dropping off the drugs no questions asked. Officials want to prevent the misuse and abuse of drugs.

"The community should be trying to help in any way they can to keep children off of drugs or people who maybe aren't children anymore but are still misusing them. So it's much better to dispose them," Ector County Sheriff Deputy, Milton Tharp, said.

Brenem says people who don't dispose their unwanted drugs safely could sometimes end up at the popular parties.

"They call them farm parties or pill parties and they're exchanging medication and it could be expired medication or it could just be Benadryl and they don't know what they're taking, they throw it all into a pile and then they pick out. It's very dangerous," Brenem said.

The DEA recommends people not to flush those expired drugs because it could contaminate the water supply. They also say not to throw them in the trash because someone could pick them up.

"We want to keep them off the streets. Because if they're in the medicine cabinet people can abuse them, take them and sell them. So we want them off the street," Emelda Garcia, a Representative with the Permian Basin Regional Council of Alcohol & Drug Abuse, said.

More than 200,000 pills were collected locally during this past April's Drug Take Back event.

If you missed Saturday's event, you can still drop off expired or no longer needed drugs to your local law enforcement agency.