Residents In South Midland See Major Flooding

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Gray skies dropped heavy rain on parts of Midland. The outcome? Flooded homes. One area in South Midland was so bad our crew couldn't go all the way in.

The rain is leaving a damper along Fairgrounds Road and City View Road. Residents there are now facing the water coming up into their homes.

"It gets pretty full down this road. Sometimes people can't drive, alot of people get stuck here, water runs up to the whole yards," resident, Robert Cortez, said.

Cortez says the water gets pushed in from Fairgrounds Road when cars pass by, making the situation on his street alot worse.

NewsWest 9 was supposed to meet up at Rosie Lopez's home, where they were pumping water out, but the water was so high we couldn't get drive through so she met up with us.

"My mother's house is flooded and along this road as well. All the homes here are flooded, cars are stuck in the water and neighbors taking out their furniture from their homes and pumping water out," resident, Rosie Lopez, said.

Cortez says something has to be done to keep the water from reaching into their homes.

"What we really need is a drainage because all the water just stays here. It never moves from here, it just stays. Everything comes from downtown and comes over here so it gets like this everyday or every time it rains like this it gets worse," Cortez said.

They don't know when the water will recede but if rain keeps coming, they just hope Mother Nature spares their homes.