Local Organization Treats Military Wives to Weekend of Fun

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A small group of women from different parts of the country are meeting in the Tall City this weekend because they all have one thing in common. They're wives of soldiers who were injured in combat.

The organization is called Reel Wives and they branched off from the organization called Reel Thanx. You might remember last week Reel Thanx took a group of wounded soldiers on a fishing trip.

This week, the focus is on the women who help keep those men strong.

While their husbands are away protecting our country, these women are staying strong on the home front.

"You know it's hard with them being away but I think it's even harder knowing that they're in harms way basically 24 hours a day," military wife, Alexandria Hutchinson, said.

Hutchinson and Allie Town are just two of thousands of military wives across the country. Both of their husbands were injured in different roadside bombings.

"The road to recovery has been hard and long and definitely challenging for us both," Town said.

But this weekend they're the ones getting a little the rest and relaxation.

"We take them to dinner, we take them for spa treatments, we take them shopping," Brenda Huff said.

Huff is the President of Reel Wives, an organization that treats wives of wounded soldiers to a weekend of fun.

"They are with the heroes, they are heroes themselves and we wanna treat them that way," Huff said.

So often the attention is focused on the ones in uniform but Huff said it's important to remember the spouses too.

"They keep the home fire burning when dad's gone and they never know how long they're gonna be doing that," Huff said.

Since their start two years ago, Huff said this is the least Reel Wives can do.

"We just see the smiles on their faces when they come in and it's just very rewarding," Huff said.

For Allie and Alexandria, they say the experience is a humbling one.

"I don't think that I deserve it by any means but it is nice to have us recognized as supporters," Hutchinson said.

"I agree it feels good to be appreciated," Town said. "I'm excited, just looking forward to the weekend and meeting everybody and spending time with them."

The organization is treating six wives this weekend.