Mock Election Teaches Kids Importance of Voting

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- We're more than a month away till Election Day but kids at Noel Elementary are getting a feel of how its like to vote in a presidential election.

"I was like oh cool we're going to get to vote," fifth grader, Dillon Dugger, said.

"Every vote counts and it can be one vote that changes the difference on who the President is going to be," fifth grader, John Dean, said.

With pretend ballots in hand, they either have to place a check mark for one candidate, current President Barack Obama or Governor Mitt Romney and then sign their name.

"With the election coming up we just tied this in so they've been looking at the candidates, what the candidates have said, what they have done and they're learning in making a good decision and get involved in a real world activity," Principal, Tammie White, said.

The entire school participating in their constitutional right but they'll have to wait till they're 18 to actually vote.

"It teaches them how to do it so they can get ready for when they get older and they just need to know to use their instincts and how to use their own opinion," fourth grader, Alissa Kiker said.

But getting the practice in early is what educators strive for.

"We're hoping that if they see the importance in it, they can take that home and support their parents and the parents have been very supportive," White said.

"You can't just go home and ask your parents who to vote for. You got to know the details about them and all that," Dugger said.

The outcome among the youngsters, current President Barack Obama won in their mock election.