Online Petition Circulating for Light at Monahans Intersection

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS - Those responsible for an online petition are hoping to make some noise in Monahans.

Some residents are worried about what they say is a dangerous intersection in town and they want something done about it.

Monahans is fastly growing in this booming economy and with that comes more traffic.

But on this stretch of road, residents said it's at its worst.

"The traffic is terrible, people run the stop signs there," Nelda Hudson said.

"Scared, I don't like driving over there," Brooklyn Grant said.

Drivers are talking about the intersection at Business 20 and Loop 464.

One woman started a petition on the website to grab some attention.

Right now, there are 48-inch stop signs with flashing lights on Loop 464.

The creator of the petition wants a stop light at the intersection instead.

Loop 464 is the designated truck route in Monahans but many people who have already signed that petition online said the trucks are part of the problem.

One signer wrote "Almost had three wrecks there." Another wrote "As a citizen and truck driver in this area I have numerous close calls here."

So far there are close to 60 signatures.

Drivers NewsWest 9 spoke with said the road is especially congested in the morning and around five in the evening.

"In the afternoon, especially when the sun's hitting your eyes, you're going west, you can't see those big trucks until you're right there," Luisa Pena said.

"Everybody just kinda goes, there's a bunch of 18-wheelers over there," Grant said. "It's just scary."

Just about everyone NewsWest 9 talked to agreed a stop light would be better.

"Yes it would help a lot," Grant said.

However Gene Powell with TxDOT said it's not always that easy. Installing traffic lights is based on data.

"Traffic count, speed limits, what kind of traffic there is, if the traffic is continuous or just at peak hours," Powell said. "There are standards that are very precise in making these kinds of decisions."

Since 2007, there's been one fatal accident and 11 crashes.

Powell said in some situations a traffic light can actually make the intersection more dangerous.

"If there's not enough traffic, if there's not enough reasons to have a traffic light there, then it can actually cause problems and frustrations for drivers when they shouldn't have had to stop," he said.

But he said that shouldn't stop residents from voicing their concerns.

"We crave public comment. We wanna hear what's on people's minds," Powell said. "We just have to ask that we be patient while we evaluate the process."