New Downtown Midland Restaurant Focusing on Drawing In Student Business

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The new restaurant Basin Burger House in downtown Midland still has a lot of work left.

Management is already looking at different ways to attract customers and not just the usual downtown business crowd.

"Young people don't have time to go in and wait to sit down to eat and then go back to class," burger house partner, Duke Edwards, said.

The burger house is focusing on bringing in students and they're turning to technology to do that.

Once open, the restaurant will have a smart phone app where students can place orders in between class.

"They can set up an account with their credit card or debit card, place their order on the phone, everything will be charged," Edwards said. "The food will be ready, already paid for, we'll just hand them the sack and go on."

Edwards said the technology is right up the students alley.

"This app would help them accommodate the time they have for lunch," he said.

Time that students said is usually spent fighting the rush.

"It gets really busy because it's a lot of business people coming out and then it's us coming out at the same time," student, Kartenia Cox, said.

"You never have enough time to eat," student, Trini Zarate, said.

"I wanna get my food," student, Milca Salas, said.

Many agree the app would save them a lot of trouble.

"We'd have more time to get our food and then go to school and not be late or get pulled over in a rush and stuff like that," student, Hailee Whitlock, said.

Several students NewsWest 9 spoke with said they're happy a nearby restaurant is paying attention to them too.

"Everybody enjoys a good hamburger and everybody's in a hurry for lunch," Edwards said. "You try to accommodate all the young people and old people alike."

Basin Burger House is hoping to open their doors in late November.