Midland City Council Unanimously Approves Water Rate Increase

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - If you live in Midland, you'll be paying more for that water coming out of your tap.

The Midland City Council voted unanimously for the rate hike.

The increase is based on how much water you use.

For the average family, you're looking at paying around seven percent more.

The new rates go into effect October first so you won't see it until your November bill.

This is the second water rate hike in a year

The city says the increase is to help pay for the rising cost of bringing water into town.

We're told the water district raised costs to bring water to town by nearly 45 percent and the price tag for pumping in water from the Paul Davis Well Field went up 25 percent.

On top of that, building the water pipeline from the T-Bar Ranch in Winkler and Loving Counties, is going to cost around $200 million.

In addition to paying more for water, you'll also be paying more in waste fees.

You'll see an extra dollar tacked onto your bill.

The optional litter abatement fee was made mandatory on Tuesday after a five to one vote.

The fee will go from 50 cents to one dollar.
The fee will also go into effect on October first.