Local Inflammatory Breast Cancer Patient Speaks Out

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- We hear about breast cancer and other adult cancers but one local mom says we don't hear enough about a certain type of cancer, inflammatory breast cancer.

26-year-old Hanna Darden is married and has two children, life was going as planned until tests would reveal the worst.

"It started off as a rash and we thought it was an infection and it escalated over a month or two to a stage four cancer diagnosis," Darden said.

She has been fighting inflammatory breast cancer for nearly a year now. It's a rare kind and has no early detection with mammogram's.

Some of the symptoms that women experience are breast swelling, itching or shooting pain, thickening of the skin or the breast, may feel warm to touch and may look infected.

Hanna began standard chemo treatment and after the second treatment it wasn't reducing the cancer and doctors found it has now spread to her brain. She'll under go surgery next week.

"I am a little scared. I'm a little apprehensive, surgery is always a scary thing for anybody, especially with a young family. It is scary but I have complete trust in God and he's handling this," Darden said.

She's been traveling to MD Anderson Center in Houston, which is the only research facility that treats her type of cancer. She's optimistic and is staying strong.

"Sometimes it's so hard to think, I'm doing the best that I can. I'm doing everything that I can. But you have to let that energy come within yourself, you have to keep that positive attitude because you're doing it for you and nobody else can do it for you," Darden said.

An account has been set up by community members to help pay for the medical expenses and if you like to help this family out, just visit: www.gofundme.com/hannadarden

An account is also set up at Wells Fargo: #6301137755.