App Helps Trainers Screen for Concussions in Basin Athletes

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Our young basin athletes work hard and play hard but sometimes the impact in a game can be too much. Concussions are inevitable. That's why Medical Center Hospital's Center for Health and Wellness in Odessa is testing out a new digital program to help screen for concussions.

Trapper O'Connell with the Center for Health and Wellness, says, " The advantage of [this] is that it's much quicker. It's a two minute test that you can put on an iPad or iPhone or any mobile device as an app."

If a player is showing common symptoms of a concussion like memory loss, a headache or nausea, he or she is timed while reading off a series of numbers. A baseline is taken before the game for comparison. If the injured player takes more than five seconds longer to read those numbers off, it's time to seek further medical treatment.

O'Connell says, "It's a good tool for the parents to let them know that someone is [on the sideline] that is actually caring for their child and that they're not putting them back into the contest too soon or putting them into a situation where it could be detrimental."

The Center for Health and Wellness is trying out the app in area high schools. So far, it has been well received.