Motorists In Big Spring Not Stopping at Railroad Crossing

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - The Big Spring Rail System has been up and running for several weeks now, but since there hasn't been a train active in the area in over 10 years many drivers ignore flashing lights.

Melanie Grambell Trainmen with the Big Spring Rail System says this has become a big problem for them. She says they have tried many methods to alert drivers, yet some choose to ignore all signals.

"We've tried a couple of different methods, we've used the red flag which we find out seems to work a lot better. We've used what is called fuzee's and people are just on their cell phone, visiting or fiddling around and they are not paying attention to what's going on in," Grambell said.

Grambell tells NewsWest 9 that on Thursday they had a close call when a vehicle was not paying attention to the flashing lights.

"We had a gray minivan we thought was slowing down, we were in the roadway with the locomotive and then all of a sudden they seem to start to come on and we have a horn signal. We blew our horns, we blew the horns again and they did come to an abrupt stop but we were all holding our breath," Grambell said.

She has advice for anyone crossing any railroad crossing in Big Spring.

"When they come here on Business 20 in this area, just slow down look for trainmen in the middle of the roadway, look for our flags, look for our fuzee. They can see the engine, they can see that we are here at the crossing. Just give us a few minutes, let us cross and they can go on," Grambell said.