Man Arrested After Speeding Through Inspection at Presidio Port of Entry

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO - An American man is in serious trouble after he sped through inspection at the Presidio Port of Entry.

It was all because he says he was being chased and shot at by Mexican cops.

Border Agents arrested Josue David Pando after they saw him speed past inspection, fly through a swing arm gate and disregard customs officials.

When he got to the International Bridge, he stopped and let out his passenger then kept going.

Border Patrol started chasing him too and finally caught him.

Pando told the agents he was in Ojinaga drinking and didn't stop at a red light and that's when Mexican Police attempted to stop him but he refused leading them on a chase.

While talking to Presidio Police, Pando said he knew he crossed illegally and would accept the consequences.

He's now charged with a high speed flight from an immigration checkpoint charges.