Rumors Over Hit List Causes Concern in Fort Stockton

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON - There was some concern at the Fort Stockton Middle School on Wednesday morning over a so called hit list. It all began last Thursday when rumors spread that a student had created the target list.

Even though police never found a hit list, parents say they're upset they were never notified by the school and had to find out it through their children and social media.

On Wednesday morning, parents gathered at the Central Office wanting answers as to why they were never notified of the so called hit list. NewsWest 9 spoke to parents who are upset about the situation and feel they should have been informed. But the parents feeling the pain the most are the parents of the student who put the so called hit list together.

"There was never a hit list. My child doesn't even know what a hit list is and I fear for both of them," the Mother of accused teen, said.

Those are the strong words of a parent defending her daughter. They told NewsWest 9 their daughter is not what other students are making her out to be. Now, they fear for her safety.

"My concern now is, can these threats and the way I see it, she is my child but because of my teen children, there are students giving her problems, what is it gonna take for them to kill my child? What if these parents find out where I live? What's gonna happen to us? My 6th grader has been threatened," the mother of the accused teen said.

She told NewsWest 9 how the rumor started causing for her daughter to be suspended for three days.

"Girls have come up to her in her volleyball practice, in her cheerleading practice, if they were on the hit list this is how everything started. There are rumors, they are grapevines and they need to stop," the Mother of accused teen said.

She says parents are not aware whether their child is being bullied or is the one bullying others. She says they should always pay attention to what their children are doing especially when it comes down to social sites such as Facebook.

"The Middle School parents need to pay more attention to their kids at home on Facebook, it's being done through Facebook. I would pay attention to what my daughter was writing," the mother said.

Overall, her family is saddened how this misunderstanding was blown out of proportion and she say they're truly sorry for any misunderstandings.

"I am here on my child's behalf to apologize to the Fort Stockton parents to apologize to them, it was a huge issue of a hit list. A hit list that my child doesn't even know what a hit list is," the mother said.

NewsWest 9 spoke to the principal at the Middle School and they said hey will have police present at their campus to ensure all students feel safe.