Construction Workers Who Claimed They Weren’t Paid Are Returning Home

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - We have some good news from a story NewsWest 9 exclusively reported on Tuesday.

The Alabama construction workers who claimed they were not paid for their work and left stranded in Midland are on their way home.

The men were in town working on the Hilton Garden Inn for two weeks but they say they didn't see a dime for their work.

They claim the subcontractor who hired them, Above and Beyond Construction, never paid them.

This is the same company that's accused of stiffing another group of construction workers from El Paso three weeks ago.

One of the workers, Jemal Walker tells NewsWest 9 that the general contractor, EBCO, gave them money to make it back home to Alabama.

They also say an Odessa woman and a pastor from the organization, Jesus House, came together and fed them breakfast and donated some money to the group.

The men say they are grateful for the community's help and they plan on coming back to Midland for future work.