Flu Season Already Hitting The Basin

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Even though summer is just now winding down, flu season has already crept up in the Basin.

If you're feeling the chills, body aches, fever or just generally miserable all over, you might want to get checked out.

Medical Center Hospital says it's early but flu season has already begun to attack.

Surprisingly, the symptoms aren't too different from West Nile.

"The only similarities between West Nile and influenza is the symptom of feeling body aches hurt all over, upset stomach, headaches, feel dry, feel like fever. The virus is two different things except West Nile can't be treated. Influenza can," Doctor Laurence Voesack with Medical Center Hospital, said.

Doctors say if you aren't feeling better after 36 hours and you've already taken medication, you should probably pay them a visit.