Midland Memorial Hospital Opens New Helipad

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midland Memorial Hospital just made things easier for patients needing to be transferred to and from the hospital.

Their new helipad officially opened on Monday on Andrews Highway and Kent Street, right near the emergency room.

Originally, helicopters landed at the airport then the patient was transferred by ambulance cutting into crucial time.

The new addition helps patients because it's convenient and gets patients to the hospital faster.

"Here they just land free and be able to taken them around and right into the emergency department. They don't have to get transported to another transport vehicle, it's much quicker and much more stable to patients and the helicopter crew," Bob Dent, Vice President of Patient Care at Midland Memorial Hospital, said.

Dent also said the hospital does not have a contract with a specific air ambulance, they will just go with whichever one is available at the time they need.