Jump in Midland Auto Thefts, People Accidentally Leaving Keys in Cars

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- There's been a recent rise in auto thefts and burglaries within the Tall City. That's according to the Midland Police Department.

It only takes a few seconds to lose your wheels.

Some people still think, 'It will never happen to me,'" says MPD Chief Price Robinson.

If you think Midland is still the small city it used to be, think again. The Tall City is booming faster than ever.

"A lot of people get in a hurry," Robinson said. They're so rushed that several of the recent thefts happened because the owners left their cars running.

"[They leave their vehicles] in front of their homes or stores while they run in for just a minute. Or, they [leave keys] on the floor board of the console," Robinson said.

Within the past six months, the city has seen a 25% increase in auto thefts. On top of that, there's also been a rise in auto burglaries. Yet, despite these jumps, overall, officers say, the city is actually becoming safer.

"The other crimes are down. The murder, rape, robbery and theft are all down," Robinson said.

Midland Police want to remind you to take the time to lock up and take your valuables with you.