Search Continues For Missing Radioactive Rod, Reward Being Offered

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

A radioactive rod that went missing four days ago is still nowhere to be found.

The silver rod is only seven inches long but can do some heavy damage.

The National Guard has stepped in to help look for it.

The rods are used out in the oilfield.

They're sent down in well bores to take pictures for measurements.

A Halliburton crew in Reeves County said they lost it somewhere in between three counties.

It went through Midland County to Upton County.

When they went to get it out of the truck, it was gone.

Law enforcement says the public is at risk.

The rod has the words "danger radioactive" and "do not handle" stamped onto it.

Anyone who sees it should stay at least 25 feet away and immediately call authorities.

Halliburton is offering a reward to anyone who finds the missing rod.