State Medical Board Takes Action Against Seminole Physician

By Audrey Castoreno
NewsWest 9

SEMINOLE - It's been seven months since the investigation began into a Seminole doctor's bedside manners. The State Medical Board recently took action against the physician.

The investigation into Doctor Michael Watson has been completed and although he was able to keep his medical license as his supporters had hoped but he wasn't free from disciplinary action.

You'll remember this all began after a formal complaint against the doctor was filed by Seminole Memorial Hospital nurses in February.

As a result, the State Medical Board found Watson engaged in unprofessional conduct and behaved in a disruptive manner toward medical personnel.

He will now have to undergo an independent psychiatric evaluation within 30 days and comply with any recommendations for care and treatment and pay a $2,000 fine.

This is not the first time the doctor has been in trouble for a similar instance.

Back in August of 2000, Watson was put on probation because of unprofessional conduct, such as addressing patients and staff inappropriately, specifically with cursing, sexual and lewd comments, not responding properly with disciplinary action with peers and failure to practice medicine consistent with public health and welfare.

In May of 2002, he was also ordered to undergo a psychological exam and professional coaching course.

Then in 2005, Watson petitioned to be taken off of probation after serving three years and was granted that by the State Medical Board.

Watson has been practicing at Seminole Memorial Hospital for 18 years now.

NewsWest 9 did try to contact the hospital to see if this would have any effect on his employment there.

They advised us they had no comment because it had nothing to do with Seminole Memorial Hospital.