How Do You Know If a Carnival Ride is Safe?

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The Permian Basin fair kicked off on Friday night and many of you might be planning on spending a day playing games and getting on rides but how do you know if they're safe?

The Texas Department of Insurance shows dozens of injuries from carnival rides dating back from 2007, most of them are minor. The state requires carnival operators to have $1 million in insurance per ride in order to operate. NewsWest 9 went to the Permian Basin Fair and talked to the owner of the rides, Miller Spectacular Events.

"They do an inspection on the equipment, send it to the insurance company and then the insurance company in turn sends in a form to the state of Texas showing that it's been inspected and that it is good to go. Then the state of Texas would supply a sticker that will be placed on the ride showing that it is good for one year," Freddy Miller with Miller Spectacular Events, said.

If anyone is injured, operators need to file a report to the state and include if the person injured received medical attention. Fair officials say they won't allow any rides that didn't pass the state inspection.

"If one ride doesn't meet the inspection, it's out of here period," Bob Williams with Permian Basin Fair, said.

On top of being inspected by the state, Miller Spectacular Events say they have their own team of people who go around every day to make sure each ride is safe.

"We have ride specific inspection sheets which that means each one is tailored to that particular ride, the piece of equipment that they are inspecting. It's done daily prior to opening," Miller said.

On the state's website, it shows the operators listed by number then by name, then you go back to the injury report to find the number and see if any incidents were reported by the operator. NewsWest 9 couldn't find any injury reports on Miller Spectacular dating back to 2007.

The stickers mentioned have not yet been posted on these rides, the owner says the state is running behind to mail them out but they do have the paperwork saying they are good to go.

The state of also requires all carnival operators to have a sign telling people where you can go or call to report unsafe conditions. has a list of injury reports in Texas.