Young Girl With Rare Form of Cancer in Need of Help

By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

Only three years old and already she has been through so much.

A young girl has a rare form of cancer. As you might expect, her treatments are expensive and now her family needs help.

Back in July, Serena Ann Hope was diagnosed with stage five Retinoblastoma which is a rare childhood cancer of the eye that only affects about 350 kids a year in the United States.

She has had her right eye removed and she started chemo on Tuesday and that is something she will have to do until she is five years old.

It's a lot for a three year old to handle even though Serena's family says she is lively and is always in good spirits through all of her challenges.

However, she needs the treatments to save her life.

They're expensive and her insurance only covers the essentials and doesn't cover her prosthetic eye which can run upwards of $2,700 and will need to be replaced every six months.

So friends are working together trying desperately to help this little girl's family.

Serena's grandmother says, "We are staying positive. She can beat it, completely."
If you would like to help out Serena's family, a fund has been set up in her name. Just go to any Wells Fargo Bank and ask for the Serena Ann Hope fund.