Parents Angry Over Incident With Monahans Varsity Volleyball Coach

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS - We all know discipline is part of any sport, but some parents in Monahans said one high school coach took it too far during a tournament last week.

They said the girls volleyball coach made her players run outside barefoot on a hot tennis court all because they lost a game.

This happened Friday while the Varsity girls volleyball team was at a tournament in Seminole.

But that's not all. We're told some of the girls ended up with blisters on their feet after running.

"Oh I was very upset," a concerned parent, who doesn't want to be identified, said. "I couldn't hardly believe it. I don't want the girls to get in trouble for us being upset."

She said she found out about it from another parent.

"They said well apparently she made them take their shoes off and their socks off and run 20 laps around the tennis courts because they lost the game," she said.

The players still had to compete in more games later that day.

"I can understand if they're being lazy on the court, making them run lines or something like that," she said. "But for them to have to take off their socks and shoes and run on sandpaper, that kind of punishment is uncalled for."

She said several other volleyball parents are livid with what happened.

"Well if a parent disciplined their children like that and they had blisters on their feet, CPS would've been called and taken action," the concerned parent, said.

Now parents want something done. NewsWest 9 spoke with Superintendent Keith Richardson who said what happened with the coach was a lapse in judgement.

In a statement he said, "She is an excellent coach, has had no other incidents on her record, and would never do anything to intentionally hurt one of her players. She has apologized to the volleyball players and parents. Our coach will receive a discipline reprimand."

But for volleyball parents, that's not enough.

"I think she should have to take her shoes off and run around the tennis courts just like she did," the concerned parent, said. "What's gonna happen to her? A slap on the wrist. All the girls love volleyball. They don't wanna quit. It's just not right for them to have to go through this."