Tragedy Hits Again For One Odessa Family

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - What was supposed to be a fun night out turned out to be a life changing event for an Odessa family. Early Saturday morning, an accident on East Loop 338, south of I-20, took the lives of two people. One of them being Kimberly Vasquez. Not too long ago, this same family was struck with a similar accident.

"It's gonna be very hard you know," Rose Vasquez, Kim Vasquez's mother, said.

Vasquez is heartbroken after her 31-year-old daughter Kimberly Vasquez lost her life in a car accident early Saturday morning. A night of fun turned out to be a living nightmare for Rose.

She tells NewsWest 9 how she heard the devastating news that would forever change her life.

"They went to my daughters, they were looking for my house, and they couldn't find where I live so they went to my daughters house to let her know. Then she called me over the phone. Then she waited for me to get to the house so we could tell the kids together," Vasquez said.

Rose tells NewsWest 9, she wishes it was all just a bad dream that she could wake up from, she recalls the last time she saw her daughter alive.

"Wednesday. We were at my house Wednesday watching the Dallas Cowboys game and she had barely entered the football pot so she had won a quarter and she was all happy, but that was the last time I saw her, but I would talk to her everyday," Vasquez said.

She says her daughter always made time to stop after work to see her, no matter if she was tired. She always made time for her family.

"Everyday after work she would call me to see what we were going to make for dinner and she would go buy the stuff and take it to my house. It's going to be very hard," Vasquez said.

Just four months ago, the ex-husband of Kim, lost his life in a car accident and now with her gone, the sole focus of this grandmother is to ensure the safety of Kim's children who range from age 7 to 15 years old.

"The two oldest ones are taking it pretty hard, not having any of their parents. I am gonna try to keep them with me. I am gonna try and fight for them so they can stay with me so they can all stay together," Vasquez said.

Vasquez wants people to always remember her daughter for who she was.

"She was such a loving person. She was beautiful, she was loving and friendly. She had so many friends. We are going to miss her dearly," Vasquez said.

Rose says she knows times are tough but any donations towards the funeral cost would be greatly appreciated.

"Times are hard I do understand, but that's why I am asking for donations. Anything, whatever people can donate would be very greatly appreciated," Vasquez said.

If you want to make any donations to help out with funeral arrangements for Kim Vasquez, you can do so by going to a Wells Fargo Bank and ask to donate to the fund for Rose Vasquez or to account number 9373984047.