Remembering Two Teens Killed In Arizona

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Family and friends are mourning the loss of two Midland students, who died after a rollover crash in Arizona over the weekend.

Teachers of Midland Classical Academy spoke to NewsWest 9 and said Bryce Carrigan,14, and Robert Henson, 18, who he goes by Bob, were outstanding students in their eyes, involved in school sports and all around just good people. That's how they want them to be remembered.

"He was a lovely friend. He was kind and always had a bright smile he was joyful," Tiffany Miller, a teacher at Midland Classical Academy, said. "Watching him grow from first grade on and just to see the young man that he developed into, it was a real blessing to know him."

"Bob is basically the kid that everyone will remember, if you can imagine the best person you know that was Bob was to everyone who knew him," Aaron Russell, a former tutor at Midland Classical Academy, said.

Snapshots hold memories of both Bryce and Bob. They show them participating in school sports, ministering to children on mission trips and others just smiling for the camera.

Both were part of a school group heading out West when their SUV rolled over multiple times Saturday morning and crashed on an Indian Reservation near the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Bob didn't make it.

Their teachers both described them as a people persons, had great faith and loved to help out in anyway they could.

"Bob was a servant to people and his love for Christ I think was the vehicle that allowed him to love on people and to care for them," Russell said.

"I never seen a kid like that would just see me walking down the hall and grab all the boxes out of my hands and carry them for me, just ask me 'ma'am where do I put these' and she described them to me and I said I know who that is, and that is in need who it was, it was Bryce," Miller said.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation. A spokesperson for Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona says that Zach Evans and Colby Coleman are in good condition and Cliff Coleman is in fair condition. The driver, Matt Slavick, was treated and released.

No word yet when the funeral for the two teens will be.