Rise In School Enrollment May Mean Change For Students

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - With the first week of school in the books, school officials in Ector County say they've hit a record breaking enrollment, topping 29,000 Students.

Such a high number could mean there are changes on the way for some students. It's been 15 years since the Ector County School District broke that record. Now some students may be getting a new teacher or even a new classroom in the upcoming weeks.

Students usually get adjusted to their new school and teacher on the first week of school. But for students in Ector County, they'll have to continue to make changes and adjustments in the coming weeks.

"It'll settle down just a little bit and that's when we'll be able to go ahead and make the changes that we need to additional teachers, additional teacher's aid, finding space for new classrooms and all that sort of thing," Mike Adkins with the Ector County Independent School District, said.

The enrollment is higher than what the school district has seen.

"Right now we have a lot more kids, right now than we did at the beginning of the school last year. And several hundred more than we did at the end of last year," Adkins said.

It raises the question: Will students will be getting a proper education if classrooms are filled to their max? State law requires a ratio of no more than 22 students for each teacher in kindergarten through fourth grade.

"We're going to work really hard to stay within those parameters too," Adkins said.

A problem school officials say is that there isn't enough space to create more classrooms or enough money to hire a new teacher.

"We're going to do everything we can because we do want a safe and secure environment where kids can learn and flourish throughout the year," Adkins said.

School officials say they will submit a final count of enrollment to the state sometime in October.