Andrews Child Left On The Bus

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS- Andrews School District officials are trying to figure out why a five year old boy was left on a school bus on Thursday. He apparently fell asleep, woke up at the bus yard and started to wonder the streets. Thankfully he was found safe and sound, but as you can imagine, his mom was pretty scared.

Five year old Nathan Martinez's favorite sports are baseball and football and loves to read. He attends a Head Start program in the mornings and then heads over to Pre-K at Clearfork Elementary, but Thursday, he didn't made it to class. While riding the bus heading over to Clearfork, he took a snooze.

"He says that he fell asleep and then the thing is that, I think the thing that got to me the most is that she didn't check to see if everybody was off," mother, Yuri Esparza, said.

No one was there to wake him up to get off the bus. Once he finally woke up, he found himself alone at the bus yard, so he got off the yellow big bus and headed out. He was found wondering the streets, about two blocks behind the bus yard.

Someone spotted him and called police. He was then taken to the school where he was reconnected with his mom.

"It's scary, I had to call him, and I was crying, and just my little boy to see me crying, he started crying too and he kept apologizing for something he didn't do. You know it's scary," Esparza said.

School officials say the bus drivers are supposed to check the buses before they leave the compound. People in Andrews say the driver should have been more careful.

"It's insane, how are you going to leave a kid on the bus and just leave work," resident, Becky Dunbar, said.

"I don't know what's their training, but I think it should be a good care for the children," resident, Darelene Trevino, said.

"The thing that scares me is that it's hot outside right now and if he would have been asleep and nobody would have found him, he wouldn't be here right now. I guess it just scared me," Esparza said.

Assistant Superintendent for Operations, Dan Webb, did not identify the bus driver nor did he say whether the driver would face any discipline. He did say they're working on gathering more information and possibly look into creating another procedure for bus drivers to make sure this type of scenario never happens again.