Midland Receives New Life-Saving CPR Technology

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- A new device is hitting the streets of Midland and it has the power to save lives. The Midland Fire Department is training all of its rescuers on state-of-the-art CPR technology called See-Thru CPR.

The department is rolling out this new system that allows rescuers to immediately know if the CPR they're performing is working.

Midland Fire Department's, John Hamilton, says, "While using this technology, we can give patients the very best chance of survival."

A sensor is stuck on the chest. Compressions begin and a monitor gives the medics a detailed reading of how the compressions are affecting the patient. Medics can continuously see the patient's heart rhythm. Meanwhile, another section of the monitor shows if the compressions are being performed at the right speed, depth and pace. For the first time ever, medics won't have to stop compressions to get a reading of the heart rhythm. Continuous CPR makes an enormous difference in the ability to save the patient's life.

"When we don't stop CPR, we keep that heart primed and ready to come back," Hamilton said.

MFD Firefighter/Paramedic, Victor Macias, says, "Our main goal is to give high quality CPR with as little interruption as possible."

Starting this week, all of the department's ambulances will be geared up with the technology.