Association Warning Potential Builders About Sub-Contractors

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Starting a new business or building a new home takes a lot of money, but it also takes alot of research.

According to Karen York, Executive Officer at the Permian Basin Builders' Association, anyone looking into building a new business or home should do their homework before they hire any sub-contractor.

"The contractor needs to research all their sub-contractors before they get into any kind of contract with any other person. If you know someone has been here five years you know you're not going to have somebody that just came in six months ago and is gonna leave on them," York said.

York says many people know that the Basin is booming and they also want a piece of that pie.

"They want to come to our area and you're gonna get some good ones that come to our area but you are also gonna get some that aren't so good and that are not the reputable people," York said.

She has seen this problem first hand and believes it might become a bigger issue as both Midland and Odessa continue to grow.

"We have seen a little bit of that and naturally we grow, the busier we are, you're gonna see an increase amount of that," York said.

York says she has seen more problems with sub-contractors working on residential jobs than on commercial ones.

"We see it more with the consumer wanting something done with their homes like remodeling or things like that, and we try to work with the police departments to help if something was to happen," York said.

She says that both general contractors and labor workers need to do their homework.

"You still gotta do the same thing, you gotta do the same research, how long they've been here and even checking out where they've been before and how they paid their other sub-contractors," York said.

York recommends for both the general contractor and the labor workers to do some extensive research on who the sub-contractor is and what their work history is. She said one way to do that is by contacting the Permian Basin Builders Association at 520-7917 or you can also contact the Better Business Bureau at 563-1880.