Andrews Residents Concerned Over West Nile Virus Death

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - No doubt the death of an Andrews resident is leaving many locals, at the very least, hesitant in how they approach their everyday activities. Some residents are taking their own precautions to ensure they don't get bitten.

"It's scary we are just praying that this will go away soon," Andrews resident, Areli Lujan, said.

Lujan, a long time resident tells NewsWest 9, the West Nile death in Andrews has been a big talker in the small community.

"Absolutely, Facebook everywhere, everybody was talking about it. Ya'll need to be careful, you're in Andrews, it's like the big news, it's sad it had to be here in Andrews," Lujan said.

She says her mother recently had a surgery before she could go outside to get some fresh air, but after the death, her mother is terrified to step foot outside.

"She would go outside and enjoy part of the summer that's left, and now she can't do that, she has to be careful with her health especially you know at risk," Lujan said.

Jeannie Brice, lives next door to Lujan, she says she is trying to do anything she can to avoid getting bit by this mosquitoes.

"We use fabric softeners, we never come outside without one in our pocket, they help keep them away. I've done away with some of my plants since they were drawing them, don't leave water standing in any of the plants anymore," Brice said.

Lujan says she is pleased on how the city is stepping up to the plate.

"They go by every evening and spray repellant, I think for the mosquitoes and they are doing their part," Lujan said.

However, there are some Andrews residents who say they will continue to do their everyday activities even though the West Nile Virus is among them.

Consuelo Maltos has lived in Andrews all her life and knowing the West Nile Virus has claimed the life of an Andrews resident hasn't stopped her in everyday activities. She hopes the virus doesn't spread further but people have to continue to live their lives.

"It's always good to be safe, but whatever is gonna happen it's gonna happen anyways, so might as well enjoy life and keep going," Maltos said.