Local Pest Control Combating Mosquitos

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Now with the West Nile virus threat looming in backyards and school playgrounds, a local business says they can help lower the amount of mosquitos around your home. Having a mosquito free zone around homes is becoming a paramount concern in the Basin.

Bushwacker Pest Control says they're the only ones with a system in the Basin that will automatically shoot insecticide around your home, yard, barn or where ever you like it.

"You want to create a perimeter barrier with the system itself around the area that your wanting to treat and that basically keeps the mosquitoes from coming out and the insecticide breaks down within the sunlight very quickly so its not to poison any other beneficial insects such as butterfly's and bees," Trey Buescher of Bushwacker Pest Control, said.

The insecticide is derived from a key ingredient found in chrysanthemum flowers called pyrethrins and it has the lowest toxicity for humans and pets. The nozzle circuit is usually placed around the edges of your home or patio or it can be placed in your yard.

The system that contains the liquids is placed outside and set to spray off as many times as needed.

"Three minutes a day will help control mosquitoes coming into your yard," Buescher said.

He says this system is very popular in East Texas and in Alabama and his company is bringing it to West Texas.

"With the West Nile virus, people are becoming very concerned with them and wanting to control the mosquitoes more so than what they have in the past," Buescher said.

Now they also have a portable mist system that you can carry around if you plan on going to a park or a playground.  That covers about two thousand square feet.

If you would like more information on this system, you can call Bushwacker Pest Control at 432-413-1785 or www.bushwackerpest.com