UTPB Unveils New Plan for Campus in Midland, CEED Building Re-Named

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - UTPB unveiled a new plan for a campus in the Tall City.

It would be located where the CEED Building and Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center sit.

They want to turn it into a traditional campus for junior and senior music and engineering students.

There will be a free standing engineering building and additional wings to both the CEED and the Wagner Noel Building.

Also included will be housing for 200 students.

The U.T. System Board of Regents also approved the re-naming of the CEED campus.

"Today (Friday) we announced the approval of the naming of this campus to the UTPB at Midland campus. We're delighted with it, it more accurately reflects what goes on out here. This is in the city limits of Midland. Midland invested millions of dollars to be sure that water and sewer were provided for the Wagner Noel performing arts facility. So this takes that recognition a step further," UPTB President, Dr. David Watts, said.

It will take a while to get this campus completed.

UTPB hopes to have additions added on every year until it's finished in 2022.