Stonebridge Estates Opening Sooner Than Anticipated

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's hard for many people to find a decent place to live here in the Basin. Either because there is no place available or because the rent is too high but there is some relief on the way.

At first, owners of Stonebridge Estates had planned to allow around 185 mobile homes but after much thought more room will be made for more families to move in.

"Originally we were only going to have 185 spaces available however we've recently bumped that 30 percent to 265 spaces," Brant Greathouse said.

Greathouse, co-owner of Stonebridge Estates, is not only excited about more space they have made available for mobile homes but also because they will open their doors two months earlier than anticipated.

"Originally, we were not going to be able to open the park until February 2013, however thru multiple different things that have come about we are proud to announce that we are going to be able to open as early as December of 2012," Greathouse said.

He tells NewsWest 9, they have decided to add in some new state-of the-art amenities as well.

"We are adding several new amenities that originally we were not going to provide such as a brand new gated swimming pool, a $250,000 state of the art surveillance system, housekeeping service, we are adding things like mothers day out service," Greathouse said.

In order to open their doors earlier, crews will be working around the clock to be up and running by December.

"Crews are going to be working on this project around the clock for a short period of time and we have actually scheduled it so that everything can be laid out perfectly," Greathouse said.

Anyone can watch the progress of the construction either by driving down Fairgrounds Road or by logging on to a computer.

"You will be able to go online and actually watch videos and see pictures of the updated progress as we go," Greathouse said.

Greathouse recommends anyone wanting to make Stonebridge Estates their future home not to wait much longer cause it might be too late.

"We've began pre-leasing lots several months ago, there's been multiple different people who've already signed up, secured a lot and so I would definitely encourage anybody who is interested in this to go ahead and take advantage of it," Greathouse said.

Greathouse said anyone interested in buying a lot in the Stonebridge Estates should call them at 638-0429.