Local Community Leaders Backing MISD's $163 Million Bond

by Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- The Midland School District Superintendent wants to renovate outdated elementary schools and build three new ones. A $163 million bond that's being backed by the school board could do just that. Now community leaders are supporting the initiative by informing you of exactly what it involves.

"The first step in the long range plan to improve education around here from the classroom all the way to buildings and part of this, this movement this bond election on November sixth," Chairman of Better Schools For A Better Midland, Patrick Payton, said.

They're backing up the school board's decision asking voters to approve a $163 million bond geared for the future of public elementary schools throughout the county.

"We're going to try our best to try and see if our community will go along and be part of this next step," Payton said.

With 77 days away till voters must make an ultimate decision on the proposal, Payton says the funds of this bond will not only affect every child but also to every educator as well.

"It's all a process of making an educational environment better in every way. As we support our teachers more, as we encourage our teachers, as we give them better environments to teach in, it's all part of raising the bar and raising the standards in every way that Dr. Warren has talked about. This is just one piece of that," Payton said.

The Superintendent's plan will also provide new technology to the 24 elementary schools, renovations and construction on three new schools. What the committee is doing right now is holding meetings and having a conversation with the people of Midland so they can better understand this bond.

"Alot of meetings, alot of discussions, we've been having meetings already this week with anybody and everybody whose interested in getting involved and gathering all of the different groups and talking to many people that we can. Helping them understand what we are after and trying to get to," Payton said.

They're also raising their own funds to promote this bond initiative. They're doing it since the school district can't by law.

If you would like more information on how you can take part or attend a meeting, you can call Stonegate Church at 432-694-5100.