New Schools, New Adjustments for Big Spring ISD

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Big Spring ISD will open up their four new elementaries this coming Monday and to ensure the safety of the children walking to school, the district has installed more signs around the schools.

"Strictly for safety, we have busy streets, kids will be crossing the streets, slows down traffic to 20 miles per hour," Wayland Pierce, Auxiliary Director for Big Spring ISD, said.

Pierce tells NewsWest 9 for three of the new elementaries that were built in new locations, that meant new signs had to go up.

"It's going to be at all the schools. Moss would be the exception, it was built in the same exact location so Moss will not have any changes in crosswalks or anything," Pierce said.

Not only is the district ensuring the safety of the children by installing signs and new crosswalks, the city of Big Spring is doing their part as well.

"The city will time the lights to give the crossing of Goliad Street a little bit longer to go across, so they are working with that. That's just a computer there on the light, they can readjust it as the need arises during those hours of the day, morning and afternoon. It will stay red longer to let the kids get across," Pierce said.

Pierce says the new adjustments will benefit drivers around schools.

"The Traffic flows will be a little different then what the parents are used to simply because they will enter and exit into one way traffic so they won't be necessarily crossing each other as we had in the past. It's a whole lot better set up the way it is now then what we've had in past years," Pierce said.