Midland Residents Want Something Done About Lamesa Road Work

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's been a bumpy road for some Midlanders. Neighbors on one street are upset they're traveling on a torn up road and they want the city to fix it.

People living off Lamesa Rd. in southeast Midland say a city project has damaged not only the road but their vehicles as well.

"There's you know like little craters in there and stuff and it's like everywhere," resident, Margaret Nunez, said. "It's unexpected."

"They go over it, that might tear it up," resident, Brett Bradley, said.

Bumpy, torn up and even dangerous. These are words neighbors living in southeast Midland are using to describe Lamesa Rd.

For the last six months, city crews have been working on a water line replacement project.

Little by little, the road has been ripped apart and then fixed once a section is finished.

But residents said the repairs are a nightmare to drive on.

"They just threw some gravel on there and that's all they did," Nunez said.

"They just kinda patched it up," Bradley said.

NewsWest 9 has been told stories of vehicles popping tires and cracking rims just by driving along Lamesa Rd.

Nunez said it's caused a lot of wear and tear on vehicles.

"We did have to change our tires and shocks as well," Nunez said. "That's not something that we should have to worry about when it's not our problem."

Bradley said he's changed his route to avoid using that road. He worries someone could eventually get hurt.

"The meters right there in the middle, it's kinda like sticking right up," Bradley said. "I see some people speed through there and I'm afraid sometimes if they go real fast, the airbag will go off in their face."

Several homeowners NewsWest 9 spoke with said they feel this part of town is being neglected by the city.

"They just don't really care about it. It's not something they think is top priority," Nunez said. "It doesn't matter where it's at. I think if it were on the north side, it would be fixed the next day."

Persephone Dakopolos with the City of Midland said although they understand the inconvenience, they're trying to use tax payer dollars wisely. The project is going to take some time.

"It would be really irresponsible for the city to re-pave that road twice," Dakopolos said. "We're looking at it continuing on for about a year, maybe a little over a year. We do want to make sure the project is completed to the fullest extent. We don't want to come back 10-15 years from now."

The city also wants to reassure southeast residents that they are not forgotten about.

"This is an improvement to their area, this is actually going to enable them to bring in fresh new development to revitalize that area," she said.