Grandmother Of Boy Stuck Under Odessa Home Speaks Out

by Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The family of 10-year-old Ivory Carter, Junior, says they're holding on to faith and that's the only thing they can do right now. He isn't allowed to play during the week except on Friday's and Saturday's. On Friday, he was allowed to play outside with friends when he chased a lizard under a house and that's where this horrifying event unfolded.

"Curious, at that age all kids are curious. This kid loves animals, he loves all kinds of animals but we have told him you could get hurt if you go in the wrong spot, do the wrong thing, you can get hurt," Grandmother, Mildred Carter, said.

Ivory Carter, Junior, went under the neighbors home into a crawl space chasing a lizard but he didn't come out. His friends rushed to alert his family. Ivory's father got his son out, his heart was beating but wasn't breathing nor had any response.

Emergency crews rushed the boy to the Medical Center Hospital but when doctors said he was in a coma, he was then airlifted to a Lubbock hospital.  Doctors say he may be brain dead.

"But you know how kids are 'oh grandma I'm not going to get hurt, I'll be careful' and this is what happens. This is the outcome," Carter said.

She is pleading to a higher power hoping her grandson wakes up.

"Just pray. We have to pray, God is good, God is here, he is everywhere. Just pray, that's all we can do is pray," Carter said.

The boy's family says he has asthma and they believe he had an asthma attack when he was under the house. The family tells NewsWest 9 that they are going to need help to pay for medical bills. They haven't provided that information to NewsWest 9 but we will post it online and on our Facebook page when we receive it.