How You Can Fight The Mosquito Bite

by Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS COUNTY- A lot of people are still spending time outside whether it's a BBQ or at a park where you can get bitten by mosquito.

One suggestion health officials say is to get rid of standing water where mosquitos may lay their larva and multiply, it may seem silly but it's a disease you need to take seriously.

The West Nile virus is making it's way to the Basin.

There are at least four confirmed cases and most of them are coming out of the Andrews County area.

"Can't find any relation to those people that don't live in the same part of town and they don't live near each other, it's all over. It's just a very weird deal that they are popping up here in the county," Russell Tippin, CEO of Permian Regional Medical Center, said.

Health officials in Andrews County urge people to get educated.

"If you have somebody that has fever for a day or so or has nausea or confusion, they need to see their health professional pretty quick, get in there and get the test done. Because the test does take a couple days to come back, go ahead and get in there and get started on some antibiotics and get treated and protect yourself, don't wait, go ahead and get seen," Tippin said.

NewsWest 9 reported last week that city workers in Andrews are spraying twice a day throughout town to fight the mosquitos. On Thursday, Ector County Health officials confirmed a person with the West Nile virus.

Ector County Health Department Director, Gino Solla, believes the drought in the area has diminished the mosquito population but also it's natural predators, such as other insects and birds that feed on it. With the little rain that we had so far this year, the mosquito population has multiplied and have come up in some areas where the natural enemies have not.

"So there's a more abundance in mosquitos I think out there and some of them may carry more of the West Nile virus than usual years," Solla said.

He also mentioned that Ector County does spraying on a per call or referral basis.

You can follow the four D's to protect yourself from getting bitten.

Defend, yourself from getting bitten by using mosquito repellant's that contain Deet in them, drain all standing water, Dusk or dawn, avoid those times being outdoors that's when mosquitos are most active and Dress in light colored and wear long sleeves clothing when you're outside.