Veteran Speaks Out After Employee Was Let Go from Monahans Hotel

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS - We have an update on a local story that's making national headlines.

The Monahans Best Western Employee, accused of humiliating a disabled veteran is no longer working at the hotel.

Now, the man in the center of the controversy is speaking out.

Staff Sergeant Chad Staples says the hotel chain is now enlisting his help.

They've asked him to come up with suggestions on what should be done in these types of situations.

He says this story has gone beyond the hotel in Monahans.

A Comfort Inn notified his father they've held meetings on where to place handicap rooms.

But even with all this talk, he says he still remains skeptical.

Last week, Staples called down to the front desk asking for help to get downstairs in his wheelchair because the elevator wasn't working.

Instead of help, Staples says he was laughed at.

The Veteran says he was forced to crawl down three flights of stairs.