Exclusive: Odessa Girl Pinned To Building Speaks Out

by Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The seven year old Odessa girl who was pinned against a building is recovering back at home Saturday evening. Little Tasia Pryor and her mother only spoke to NewsWest 9 on how's she doing after the terrifying ordeal.

"Tell him what you were telling me (mother asked)...I feel bad...why? (mother asked) she ran me over," Tasia Pryor SAID.

She may be in a wheelchair for now but her spirits are high. Tasia Pryor is now home after she was released from the hospital on Friday. Her left leg has pins inside and her right ankle is broken.

"It hurts, my leg," Pryor said.

She was pinned between a car and her home off the 2100 block of East Ninth Street in Odessa earlier this week.

According to police, Martina Hernandez had been drinking when she drove to confront her husband, began to argue and then tried to run him over but ended up hitting two cars and one of those cars pinned Tasia to the wall.

"I mean you being that mad at somebody and being that ignorant knowing there's kids over here and you came in here three times speeding crashing into stuff, came back through and crashed again and she looked at me when she hit my baby. All I can do is say oh my God, I was just screaming," Tasia's mother, Sahsa Smith, said.

Little Tasia was airlifted to a hospital and that terrifying ordeal would change their lives forever.

"It's very frustrating, my daughter is frustrated all day and it's hard, it's hard because we don't want to hurt her and she doesn't understand that she wants to move like she used to but she can't do that no more, she has to wait," Smith said.

That waiting will take about six months. Her family now helps her to get dressed.

Tasia has a long road to recovery and her family have set up an account under Tasia Pryor's name at any Chase Bank for anyone who wishes to donate for medical expenses.