Buena Vista I.S.D. Recruiting Students From Odessa, Other Areas

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

IMPERIAL - Parents and kids are once again gearing up for a new school year but one local district is trying to recruit new students from more than 50 miles away.

There's a new superintendent in the Basin and he's trying to re-vamp his school's image.

He wants students to go from Odessa and surrounding areas to Imperial to get their education at Buena Vista I.S.D.

Superintendent Mark Dominguez is only two months into the job but he has some big visions.

"We are looking to build our school into something that's recognized statewide, nationwide," he said.

The Buena Vista school district is trying to recruit new students from bigger cities like Odessa.

"We've got some newspaper ads that we're putting out," Dominguez said. "We have started a Facebook page, it's Buena Vista I.S.D."

And they're spreading the word about their state-of-the art agriculture program, new changes to the technology department, free transportation and everything else they have to offer.

"Quality teachers, small classes," Dominguez said. "Our biggest class size is I think 10 kids."

That's a big selling point for parents and a plus for students.

"It's a smaller school so we get more one on one time with the teacher so we get a lot more help," student, Chance Taylor, said.

"You get the attention you need," Tori Henderson, said.

A soon-to-be senior, Henderson has been making the drive to school from Odessa since seventh grade.

"I wake up at 5:00, we leave at 6:30," Henderson said. She and other classmates said it's a big change from a bigger city school.

"It was kinda hard to get ahead because there were so many people," Taylor said.

"If you're struggling in school, this would be the place to go because the teachers are great," Henderson said.

"It's a family environment, it's welcoming," student, Kelsey Pando, said. "You excel in life."

The district ended last school year with 107 students coming from Imperial, Odessa, Fort Stockton and Coyanosa. This year Dominguez hopes that number gets bigger.

"I think a realistic goal for us would be to get up to about 150 but the more the merrier, Dominguez said. "I would like to see me being forced to take a big bus to these places if need be."

"It's really hard to get yourself up in the morning but the drive is worth it," Henderson said.

Pre-registration is going on this week. If you're interested or if you have questions, you can call Buena Vista I.S.D. at 432-536-2225.