Some Oil Field Companies Ban Energy Drinks on Location

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Imagine going to work and finding out you are no longer allowed to have your favorite energy drink. That's exactly what some local oilfield companies are doing. The ban on energy drinks also applies to subcontractors who go on oilfield locations.

The pleasure of opening that cold energy drink on a hot summer day has ceased on some oil field locations but you don't have to be on the actual rig for the new rule to apply to you.

NewsWest 9 spoke with Javier Almodova, owner of Jam Construction, who says even as a subcontractor of an oilfield company, they still have to abide by their rules and regulations.

"Anytime you work on a oil and gas lease you have to abide by their rules and be in compliance with the rules and regulations that they give us to be on their lease," Almodova said.

That means putting away that energy drink that you once had throughout the day.

"Several companies that we work for we can't have those in our trucks a lot of the guys don't even try to bother with them," Almodova said.

NewsWest 9 spoke to a local Odessa doctor who says the approach some oilfield companies are taking towards energy drinks means they know the potential health dangers they promote for their employees.

"This is really in a person's best interest, the workers just don't realize the negative effects these energy drinks can have on them, headache, you can get chest pain, you can have increase neurological stimulation and that's when people think they are more aware but the fact is they tend to become more jittery," Dr. Voesack with Urgent Care in Odessa, said.

Kinder Morgan had this to say in regards to energy drinks: "Kinder Morgan discourages the use of energy drinks in the field due to the potential risks in relation to hydration and heat related injury."

While some companies have banned energy drinks, companies such as Halliburton is looking into a possible ban this is what they told us: "Halliburton currently has no corporate policy regarding employees drinking energy drinks while on the job. Halliburton continually monitors a range of health-related issues and creates or updates policies as needed based on this research." "Energy drinks" are one of many topics the company is researching to ensure an optimal health and safety environment for our employees while at work."

Dr. Voesack recommends a few things for the worker who wants to be energized throughout the day without drinking an energy drink.

"A good diet, make sure that they get adequate rest, make sure they stay very well hydrated that they are drinking water all day long," Voesack said.