Doctors Urge Heat Caution at Rock the Desert

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN - The sun is kicking its heat up a notch this weekend in the Basin. 12 different West Texas counties, including Midland and Ector, will be under a heat advisory until Saturday morning.

It was 106 degrees on Thursday, 105 degrees on Friday and triple digits will continue into Saturday.

Doctors are telling people not to spend a lot of time outdoors but with many people staying outside celebrating "Rock the Desert," there are dangers to watch out for.

"The greatest problem that they will face, other than being crushed by each other, is dehydration," Medical Center Hospital, Dr. Lawrence Voesack, said. "They need to make sure that they are constantly drinking water out there."

To keep up with record crowds, festival officials have been manning medical tents, rushing to get that water out.

"We have 14 different stations throughout the festival full of tons of water," "Rock the Desert" Office Director, Amory Skaggs, said. "We've actually given 9,000 gallons of water already in just the first day."

Staying hydrated is important as dehydration can set on without people knowing it, until it's too late.

"They won't realize it," Voesack said. "First, they'll feel hot and they'll be sweating a lot and then as time goes on, they'll feel tired. When they come in, they are really bad. Often times, they are just listless, they just don't have any energy."

Festival officials said no dehydration cases have happened yet and they'll keep working to make sure they never do.