Diesel Spill Has Residents Upset As to How It Was Cleaned Up

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - A Saturday night diesel spill in a Midland County neighborhood has residents angry but it's not the spill that has everyone upset. It's the way that it was cleaned up that has neighbors furious.

They say the improper clean-up could have caused some serious damage. The diesel spill accident happened around 7:30 p.m. Saturday evening on the premises of Looya Welding Company.

When one tank of a big rig was punctured, diesel spilled from their warehouse down the street. Workers began washing it down with water.

NewsWest 9 spoke to David Robinson, a partner of Losoya Welding, who says his workers didn't know the right procedures of how to contain the spill. Although it is was a dangerous and messy way to clean the spill, Robinson says they are fixing their mistake.

"We are putting the corrective actions in place just to make sure everything is taken care of properly," Robinson said.

According to Losoya Welding, they said they did use proper precautions of containing the spilled diesel by using a type of absorbent agent.

"Our people who have started the cleanup process were halted to use proper procedures, it's petroleum absorbent and that was at the request of the TCEQ," Robinson said.

However, a resident at the Spring Meadow Mobile Home Park, who does not want to be identified says the clean up procedure taken by Losoya Welding company was not up to standards.

He even collected soil samples and water samples to prove that the company did more damage than what they think.

"This is some of the water from across the road, it spilled direct in front of the house. You can see that it's contaminated and this bottle was washed down with clean water before we picked the sample up on the dirt," the resident, said.

James Evans, III, who also lives at the mobile home park, said he was unaware of the diesel spill until NewsWest 9 told him about it. He says the proper procedure would have been to let all the residents in the area know. He said that he thinks all companies should have a proper procedure in place before an accident happens.

"Proper clean up of their spills. Water isn't going to do it, putting dirt over it isn't going to do it. There are proper chemicals you have to use to break down those chemicals," Evans said.