Alpine City Attorney Rod Ponton Talks With NewsWest 9 About District Attorney’s Race

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NewsWest 9

ALPINE - It's the kind of thing that gives politics a bad name.

Scandal during election season and even things brought up from their past.

First, Rod Ponton was fined by the Texas Ethics Commission for filing late. Now, some in the city want his criminal history to be brought to light.

Current Alpine City Attorney, Rod Ponton, has been at the center of scandal for the last few weeks.

A special meeting was held Tuesday to discuss hiring an attorney to investigate Ponton's possible criminal background for having a DWI conviction 36 years ago.

Last week, the Council decided not to take action against him for being late filing a finance report.

NewsWest 9 spoke with Ponton on the recent scandals.

He they are just city council members digging up dirt on the opponent to smear his name.

"Small town political mudslinging. The city councilman who places these on the agenda is supporting my opponent. He has radio ads and signs in front of his house and business and trying to affect the DA race. I haven't done anything wrong. I've been the district attorney for eight years and haven't done anything wrong. All of this isn't a city issue, just an issue coming out of a dirty political mudslinging in the 83rd district attorney's race," Ponton said.

Ponton remains in the July 31 run-off election for the Alpine District Attorney seat.

Ponton has also hired a legal team and is prepared to take legal action.