Teen Dating Violence a Growing Concern at One Basin Shelter

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Midland teens as young as 13-years-old are seeking shelter as victims of violence that has either derived from the home or from the dating world.

"I think someone needs to stand up for these teens and let them know that what they are doing and going through is not alright," an employee who goes by "Charity" at Safe Place of the Permian Basin, said.

The shelter says too many Basin teens are in unsafe relationships. A problem, they say, that cannot continue to grow at its current rate.

Satina Whalen with Safe Place says, "They get used to abusive relationships when they're young. They think that it is the way that it's supposed to be."

The shelter is trying to break the cycle by putting together a huge campaign to end teen dating violence. This fall, Safe Place will be in area high schools, middle schools and on some college campuses.

"We're focusing on education, awareness, healthy relationships and signs of unhealthy relationships," Whalen said.

The shelter says the violence is hard to escape. If you look around, it's everywhere in our society.

"They see it on television. They see it in the media. They see it on Facebook. It's just mainstream," "Charity" said.

Safe Place sees more domestic violence cases in the fall than in any other season. Part of that, they believe, is from the stress that comes with heading back to school.

Safe Place is currently looking for volunteers. If you're interested, please contact them at: http://www.safeplacenow.com/