Movie Theaters Beef Up Security After Colorado Shootings

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS - The Colorado theater shootings that left a dozen people dead and nearly 60 injured have tugged the heartstrings of West Texans, many of them wondering how it could happen.

"You don't know where it's going to happen, at what time," Midland resident, Liliana Lopez, said. "You can all go to a supermarket or the theaters or the baseball game and you don't know."

"What is this young man thinking? What is going through his mind?" Midland resident, Fannie Huckby, asked.

"I'm just wondering if the people had any ability to defend themselves there," Midland resident, Paul Foster, said. "If that happened here, he'd get shot before he shot the second person."

These shootings also led to beefed up security at local theaters.

The Century 12 Theater in Odessa told NewsWest 9 they'll have police officers patrolling inside at all times.

On the other side, the Hollywood Theaters in Midland said they have routine officers posted inside every Friday and Saturday.

Even with that security, Midland's theater said they're not banning masks or costumes.

Midland Police said they're stepping up too.

"Just heighten the awareness," Midland Police Chief, Price Robinson, said. "You have to get in there and neutralize the threat as quick as you can to prevent a lot of damage and injury."

Many West Texans said no matter what, they're still not scared.

"You have to live and believe everything's going to be OK," Lopez said.

"You can get killed walking across the street," Huckby said. "You can't quit walking across the street."

"I've got more faith in the people I live with around here," Foster said. "There's some pretty rough people. I don't think it would happen here."