HEB Seeing Growing Trash Problem Due to Recycling Bin Move

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Good intentions are turning into a trash problem in the parking lot of HEB in Midland.

The grocery store recently had to move their recycling containers to the back of their store near the Starbucks.

But there's still a plastic bag container that hasn't been relocated yet.

The bin is purely for recycling unwanted grocery bags.

But people have been piling up all of their other recyclable materials like cardboard and plastics by it.

While it's great people want to recycle, this could actually turn into a trash problem.

"There's never a reason that we should leave materials outside a recycling container. One, the wind is awful in West Texas, as we all know, and it'll carry away out bags and our things we are trying to recycle, animals can get into it, it's unsightly and we want to return the favor to HEB by being prudent with what they've given us and what they've allowed us to use," Caleb Combs, Assistant to the Executive Director at Keep Midland Beautiful, said.

By the way, leaving those recyclables outside of the bins is considered illegal dumping.

For a complete list of where you can drop off your recyclables, just log on to keepmidlandbeautiful.org.