Two Brothers Behind Bars, Charged With Burglary With Intent to Commit Another Felony

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Two brothers remain behind bars in Midland because they followed a guy home from a bar fight to keep pummeling him.

Darryl and Darwin Goodley started the fight at Club Remy.

When their victim left, they followed him to the Park Glen Apartments.

The victim noticed the pair behind him on his way to his sister's apartment so he ran to the door but the Goodley brothers followed him in.

Once inside, Darryl began choking him so the victim's sister called the cops.

Officers arrested Darryl and Darwin.

Darryl admitted to the Club Remy incident but denied the attack at the Park Glen Apartments

Both men are charged with burglary with intent to commit another felony.